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Formulated to strengthen cognitive skills, improve memory, and enhance focus. BriteFocus nutritional supplements combine to safeguard daily brain cell function. Clinically proven to be pure and effective, BriteFocus uses only those ingredients that ensure product excellence.


HUPERZINE — A known neuroprotectant, huperzine, together with ALA and ALCAR, helps to increase brain blood flow and improve cognitive functions in even already concussed and damaged brains. The nootropic has been shown to also prevent damage to the brain’s mitochondria while postponing cell death.
RHODIOLA — Clinically proven to reduce mental fatigue and enhance performance, the natural herb also alleviates symptoms of depression, reduces stress and increases motivation.
BIOTIN - Also known as vitamin B7, protecting the myelin sheath (the fatty substance surrounding nerves) biotin helps to facilitate nerve impulse conduction, allowing brain cells to seamlessly communicate with nerves..
ACETYL-L-CARNITINE (ALCAR) — Boosting a variety of functions by first removing toxins from the brain, ALCAR reduces oxidative stress within brain cells.
ALPHA-LIPOIC-ACID (ALA)- A naturally occurring fatty acid, ALA acts as a supportive partner to ALCAR, boosting its effects and protecting brain cells from decay and disease.
VINPOCETINE— A recognized nootropic, the natural nutrient has been credited for reducing inflammation and oxidative stress, therefore, increasing brain circulation. This increase helps improve cognitive function, memory, and concentration among other functions.



In BriteSHIELD, you’ll find:

CURCUMIN — Boosting levels of the brain hormone BNF, curcumin helps to increase the growth of new neurons while fighting degenerative processes.
RESVERATROL — A natural antioxidant found in grapes, berries, chocolate and peanuts, resveratrol has been shown to help delay cognitive decline and protect against dementia in seniors.
QUERCETIN — As a flavonoid found in apples, peppers, cherries, and berries, quercetin is credited with protecting against cognitive decline by lowering excess inflammation.
R-ALPHA LIPOIC ACID (R-ALA) — Replace this content with your own content. Content should be relevant, unique and written with the goal of providing the reader the type of information.
N-ACETYL-CYSTEINE (NAC) — Replace this content with your own content. Content should be relevant, unique and written with the goal of providing the reader the type of information.
B-12 — Naturally occurring form, Methylcobalamin does provide energy, it's also involved in the metabolism of fats and amino acids as well as the formation of myelin, which creates a protective sheath around your nerve cells.



If you have any questions regarding the use and application of any of these ingredients, please contact the BriteFocus team now. Our team is eager to help.