Developmental Psychologists have confirmed that IQ is not fixed.

This means it is due time to upgrade your brain’s Operating System!

We’ve all been there...those inconvenient moments of poor recall, when your neural processor fails to sync up with real time demands. What if a nutraceutical, made from pharmaceutical grade ingredients, can actually bridge those deficiencies? BriteSmart, along with its complementing companion BriteShield, can really rev up your mental horsepower so you can view your competition from the rear view mirror.

Today, your “potential” feels a bit like a stranger, but it’s time to finally meet!

We put BriteSmart on trial, why?

The trend toward cognitive enhancement is gaining momentum making the “smart drug” space crowded and confusing. Any “brain health” supplement on the market today should be able to back up their claims using 3rd party validated science. Testimonials are not sufficiently compelling today which is precisely why BriteSmart was put on trial. In short, the clinical study of Ceretrophin™ (the formula found within BriteSmart), was a definitive run of the gauntlet. We are talking phase III, double-blind, placebo controlled exploratory trial with approximately 100 healthy human participants that examined the neuropsychological effects of Ceretrophin™ in a consecutive 30 day timeframe. It was expected that treatment with Ceretrophin™ would produce improvements in cognitive functioning. In particular, memory, attention, and executive processing. It was also anticipated that Ceretrophin™ would exert additional benefits in improving energy levels, anxiety, depression, and stress.

6 additional IQ points?

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Overall, the results suggest that Ceretrophin™ is a unique compound that exerts beneficial effects on both cognition and mood, particularly in general intelligence and during complex cognitive reasoning tasks & decision making.