How It Works

How It Works

For some, a quick glance at the clinical study is compelling enough, but for the rest of us...inquiring minds want to know how it works!

For starters, it helps to understand some of the terminology, like “Nootropic”.
In brief, a nootropic is a dietary supplement that may improve cognitive functions specific to memory, creativity, executive processing, and mood. In other words, its nutrition for your brain.

The clinical study was based on a particular formula called “Ceretrophin™”, which is a trademarked term for the clinically tested & proven nootropic formula known as BriteSmart ™, aka your brain’s BF.

Now on to your assigned reading for the day.

Natural nootropics have been shown to boost brain function while also making the brain healthier. This is accomplished by providing the brain with chemical nutrients designed to act as a vasodilator against the small arteries and veins in the brain [2]. In other words, your blood vessels widen which in turn increases blood and oxygen circulation in the brain. Kind of like removing the kink in the garden hose to really increase the flow.

An increase in blood circulation delivers the kind of nutrition your brain has been calling for. More blood flow, more oxygen, more energy, and more micronutrients...we call this feast mode![3].

Did you know that your brain is 3% weight of your total body weight? Yet the brain receives a whopping 15% of the body's total blood supply and oxygen. In fact, your brain can only generate energy from burning glucose [4], proving that neurons depend on the continuous supply of oxygen and nutrients. In contrast to most of the other cells in the body, neurons cannot be reproduced, they are irreplaceable! The neuron cells are persistently expending the converted energy to maintain the repair of the cell compartments. The energy generated from the glucose is crucial for maintenance, electrical, and neurotransmitter purposes [5]. Brain nutrition is highly critical and yet most of us ironically ignore the very organ that is begging to be fed and nurtured.

Let’s not sleep on inflammation either. The effect of natural nootropics is shown to reduce the inflammation occurrence in the brain [6]. The administration of nootropics will protect the brain from toxins and may minimize the effects of brain aging. This is precisely why we developed the brain armor known as briteSHIELD!

And lastly, and certainly on leastly, let’s geek out on something called neuroplasticity. Science says that the brain changes continuously throughout an individual’s life. The proportion of grey matter, which is the substrate of the brain containing the cells and neurons that form synaptic connections, can and will change. This is both great, and not so great. Great if you are feeding your brain to stimulate these connections. Doing so will increase the proportion of grey matter you get to work with. Not great if those synapses begin dying out. Neuropsychologist Donald Hebb said, “neurons that fire together, wire together.” Let’s get those neurons firing & wiring!

The effects of natural nootropics are associated with the stimulation of new neuron cells enhancing the thinking and memory abilities, thus increasing neuroplasticity [7].
Now that we’re experts on vasodilation, micronutrients, neuroplasticity, grey matter, neurons, brain synapses, cognition, and neurotransmission, don’t you think it’s high time to feed that organ some briteSMART and briteSHIELD?