Why Placebo Controlled, Double-Blind and Randomized matters:

Placebo Controlled- Examined the effects of a special nutritional formulation Ceretrophin vs Placebo on cognitive function and mood.

Double-Blind - Both the experimenters and the human participants did not know which capsules were being administered.

Randomized - the 100 participants were randomly allocated to either a “Placebo Group” or a “Ceretrophin Group” in which they were administered the associated capsules for one month.

Raven's Progressive Matrices

Raven's Progressive Matrices are multiple choice intelligence tests of abstract reasoning, originally developed by Dr. John C. Raven in 1936. The test is the most common IQ test administered and is widely considered the most comprehensive. It’s purpose is to measure abstract reasoning and estimate “fluid” intelligence. It is made of 60 multiple choice questions, listed in order of difficulty and looks at several “higher-order” cognitive processes such as visualization, spatial working memory, mental rotation, and non-verbal problem solving. This format is designed to measure the test taker's reasoning ability which is considered the meaning-making component of general intelligence.

The Ceretrophin™️ Clinical Study, as performed by Dr. Con Stough and his team at Swinburne University, affords you the confidence that these products are indeed, BACKED BY SCIENCE!