The results are in,
and we could not be happier...

If your quest is to optimize the process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses, then Ceretrophin is the smart choice! The Clinical Study produced some brite results:

Better Decision Making
The effects of the Ceretrophin gave the control group better accuracy in quickly discriminating between the stimulus alternatives indicating an improvement in the efficiency of decision making.

Improves Multiple Mood Variables
The clinical study concludes that Ceretrophin appears to reduce stress and tension. Given the increase in occupational stress seen throughout the western world, this is an important finding. 

Reduces Stress and Tension
The four week treatment of Ceretrophin showed a reduction in the levels of stress perceived by participants in the control group, as compared to the placebo group. Chill pill anyone?

Increased Cognitive Functioning
During Complex Tasks
The data from the trial provides evidence that Ceretrophin improves functioning during highly complex cognitive tasks that assess general reasoning and problem solving. The Raven's Progressive Matrices (RPM) tasks include word and picture recognition, numerical and spatial working memory, and choice reaction time.

Greatly Reduces Errors
The results provide some evidence that an ongoing Ceretrophin regimen improves the accuracy of memory consolidation of words and improves efficiency by reducing the number of errors of neural processing of cognitive measures.

Boost Processing Efficiency
The data suggests an improvement in the efficiency of information processing and decision making such as in improving accuracy and reduction of cognitive errors. The reduction in errors and improvement in accuracy was seen in nearly all tasks. 

Dr. Con Stough, Chairman of the Brain Science Institute of Swinburne

“I’ve never seen a new product perform this well in a double-blind study test. This balanced formula of existing, already proven individual natural ingredients seems to address all the brain’s health needs in one natural supplement.”

A review of the long form results will confirm the hype. However, it's one thing to read the study, but quite another to feel it for yourself. You landed on this page seeking a solution to memory, focus, and even mood problems, let BriteFOCUS be that solution.

We want to be your Brain’s BFF!

Clinical Study Conclusion

“Ceretrophin produced a remarkable result particularly given the statistical significance and effect size. It is of note that the most significant effect is seen with the most complex task(s).”