The results are in, and we could not be happier…FOR YOU!

In terms of cognition, which is to say brain processing and general brain health, Ceretrophin appears to be the answer you seek. This all assumes you desire: 

  • Improved cognitive functioning during highly complex tasks that assess general reasoning and problem solving

  • Quicker recall based on a smooth running “working memory”

  • Increased processing speed

  • Sharper decision making 

  • Improved accuracy (reduction of cognitive errors in nearly all tasks measured!)






Dr. Con Stough, Chairman of the Brain Science Institute of Swinburne University stated, “I’ve never seen a new product perform this well in a double-blind study test. This balanced formula of existing, already proven individual natural ingredients seems to address all the brain’s health needs in one natural supplement.”

A review of the long form results will confirm the hype. However, it's one thing to read the study, but quite another to feel it for yourself. You landed on this page seeking a solution to memory, focus, and even mood problems, let BriteFocus be that solution. We want to be your brain’s BF. 


Clinical Trial Conclusion

By Dr. Con Stough, Christina Kure, Jo Tarasuik and Luke Downey

  • Improves Decision Making
  • Improves a Number of Mood Variables
  • Reduces Stress and Tension
  • Improves Cognitive Functioning During Complex Tasks
  • Boosts Efficiency of Information Processing
  • Helps Reduce Errors