"Years ago, I would wow audiences by remembering and reciting the names of everyone in the room, as the years passed this got harder and harder and finally I stopped until after 3 weeks on BriteSMART®. One evening I found myself not only remembering and reciting everyone’s name in a room of 50 people, I was also recalling what they said when they introduced themselves. BriteSMART® – thanks for giving me back my mojo.”
Caterina R.
“Since routinely using the BriteSMART® products, my performance level has significantly increased in providing business and marketing strategies for my clients which are early-stage medical companies that operate in a very competitive environment”.
Valentino M.
Irvine, CA

“I have taken them for three days. They are great! Lots more energy, and I don’t seem to have that 4 PM slump that I usually get. Thanks again.”

Deidre T.

Hilton Head Island, SC

“I could really tell a difference the day I forgot to take the products. I had been taking them for three days, then I forgot one morning and what a difference. I was having difficulty concentrating. All I can say is, with four children, what I noticed most is I could focus better. I felt that I’ve got my head in the game and can keep up with my children and all there is to do!”

Sheri J.

Trabuco Canyon, CA

“I basically found that I felt a sense of clarity and balance that made me feel totally “on”. I felt like I did when I was young and that the world had no limits.”

Christian S.

Mission Viejo, CA

“I’m getting a lot more done in my [CPA] practice and I’m able to focus for longer periods of time.”

Linda H.

Lake Elsinore, CA

“After taking BriteSMART® and BriteSHIELD® now for several months, I’ve noticed that I’m able to maintain a higher level of concentration and focus throughout the day without the typical afternoon fatigue that generally hits around 2:00 pm. In attention, I find that my memory and alertness has significantly improved permitting me to be more effective on the job”.

Bonnie P.

Anaheim, CA

“I manage a large investment firm that specializes in managing doctor’s portfolios. Since beginning the BriteSMART® program, I have noticed that I am more alert and clear in my thinking. I also have found that I have become more productive and it is easier to bring my “A” game every day. I also think BriteSMART® helps your general sense of well-being.”

Paul D.

Newport Beach, CA

“I came to BriteSMART® because I was forgetting names as well as important scheduled events. Being a mom of two children (ages 12 and 7) with all their activities and mine, I was overwhelmed, stressed, and forgetting simple things like where I put my cellphone. Since taking BriteSMART® and BriteSHIELD® for the last five months, not only have I noticed improvement in my short-term memory, but I am no longer overwhelmed by life. I am able to focus on each thing and organize each day without stress. Because of all that, I also have time for myself. The funny thing is that it has improved my family life too. Near the end of the school year, with all its craziness, I forgot to take my BriteSMART® products for a couple days. It was my children telling me to take my brain vitamins that finally interested me in becoming a distributor. It’s truly amazing the impact BriteSMART® and BriteSHIELD® can have on you. I know my life is better because of BriteSMART®!”

Tedda D.

Mission Viejo, CA

“I think of you every day as I take my supplements … I LOVE them and certainly notice a NICE afternoon LIFT which I RELISH!!!! I played for Easter Brunch and given I hadn’t played professionally for some time. I was RUSTY……but just BREEZED through with only one mistake … my BRAIN was OPTIMAL … I am hoping more people in our age group will partake, as these are truly ENHANCEMENTS we can benefit from!”

Francesca M. (Musician)

Lakeside, AZ

“I am involved in international currency trading and have to work all hours of the day. Taking BriteSMART® and BriteSHIELD® has provided me clarity of mind regardless of time of day. Moreover, I sleep more soundly and am totally energized throughout the waking hours.”

Robert B.

Mission Viejo, CA

“When I attended the BriteSMART® product launch in 2006, my first impression was “this sounds too good to be true”, so I had to try it. Every claim I heard that night about the BriteSMART® products, I have found to be true. I am more focused, less stressed, and I am maintaining my high energy level all day. Also, I find comfort knowing my brain is getting that extra protection from BriteSHIELD®. Now I begin everyday with BriteSMART® and BriteSHIELD®.”

Carla G.

Orange, CA

“The support is solid; these people know what they are doing. The product is great – I am 100% satisfied with the product.”

Buddy H.

Joplin, MO

“My husband and I started using the BriteSMART® products about five months ago. Immediately upon using the products, my husband noticed a significant increase in energy and clarity. I noticed things much more slowly than my husband did. An increase in energy and ability to think more creatively were two of the things I really noticed.”

Jen Q.

New York, NY

“Working my regular job as a health care professional and doing a total rehab on my house meant burning the midnight oil and then some … I do not think I could have made it without the product. It unquestionably works – try it – you will not be sorry.”

Brenda L.

Knoxville, TN

“I consider BriteSHIELD® and BriteSMART® as my very own personal insurance policy for continuing brain health. Knowing I am nurturing my brain everyday gives me peace of mind. I know I will be fully engaged and alert in the future and able to enjoy my life to the maximum. The extra benefits of focus, energy, memory improvement, and concentration are just frosting on the cake.”


Newport Beach, CA

“I began giving my 17 year old daughter BriteSMART® products in April as she began preparing for her SAT’s. She was in the midst of studying for 3 AP exams coming up in May as well as traveling twice each week to play for a competitive AAU basketball team. The commute each way is over 2 hours, which meant not getting home on school nights until 11:30 pm. I had seen how BriteSMART® had positively affected my son in college so I was hopeful that it would help my daughter juggle her athletic schedule with her rigorous academics and still do well on her SAT’s. When her SAT scores came back in June, she had improved 270 points over her previous score from October. I feel that she was better prepared for these SAT’s but I also feel that BriteSMART® was a big influence in helping her manage everything on her plate and enhanced her performance. I would highly recommend BriteSMART® to any parent who has a child preparing for exams while trying to manage their academics and activities.”



“I’m 47 years old and have had tremendous stress in my life. I have three teenagers living at home and I am a single Mom. I felt as if I was being washed away. Luckily, I happened to visit of friend of mine and she gave me BriteSMART® to try. The next morning, I woke up with this feeling of peace rather than being a prisoner of my moods. I felt like my moods were subdued and a more logical, free flowing type of thinking took place.”


Laguna Beach, CA

“I have noted a marked improvement in my stress level since taking BriteSMART® products. I am able to deal with my family and business associates in a more harmonious manner.”

Jeff D.

San Juan Capistrano, CA

“I am self-employed and a busy mom of four. One of the first benefits I began to feel after taking BriteSMART® was that I was sleeping soundly through the night and dreaming again. I have not slept so well in years! I wake up with more energy and in a much better mood than ever before. I am finding that the balancing act of wife, mother, and business owner is much easier to handle now that I take BriteSMART® in the morning!”

LeeAnne R.

Peru, NY

“For over thirty years I have made the trek from CT to PA and back to CT during the holidays to be with family. The traffic has become a nightmare! I decided to travel late at night, hoping to miss traffic and of course, the hot sun. I left CT at 9:00 pm and drank two cups of coffee. My nerves were fried. I was jittery, fearful and in general. wired! I got home at 1:15 am but could not fall asleep until after 3:00 (nerves, caffeine) When I left PA last Friday night I took two BriteSMART®. I was amazed at how much traffic there was but I was not annoyed. I dealt with it calmly. I did not freak out when trucks sped past me or cut me off. I made excellent time (I did not dawdle). I felt a sense of confidence as I negotiated the freeways around NYC. Never once did I look at a map; I was able to remember all the names of the roads, etc. and I arrived refreshed AND was able to fall asleep within thirty minutes. I have never had such a driving experience and I will forever use BriteSMART® for the long, nasty trips I take during holidays! Thank you!”

Martha V.

New Haven, CT

“My wife and I went to visit my parents for Thanksgiving. We returned home a week later to the sound of running water and found our basement flooded and ruined… after driving 1,100 miles. My wife is violently allergic to mold and has asthma. I was a freaked out knowing what could happen if I don’t act fast. I saw the BriteSMART® box had arrived in my absence and decided no better time to start, than now. I went back to work to an incredibly stressful week. As a Structural Firefighter, sleep is essential. I had not slept but 4 hours after driving home and tearing up the basement. The weather turned very cold and winter set in fast. Snow, 30-60 mph wind gusts, and ice create nasty conditions and makes all aspects of our job much more difficult. I worked a 72-hour shift with just minimal sleep, totaling seven hours spread out over the three days. When you get into that state, your mind wanders and it is much more difficult to focus on the tasks and problems needing solved. Any task you wish to accomplish takes more energy and you move slower. Sleep deprivation can reduce attention and vigilance by fifty percent, decision-making is slower and compromised. Although I was physically exhausted and tired, I noticed I was still with it. The sleep deprivation did not have the same effect on me. I was still able to concentrate and focus when I needed to.”

Jason N.

Casper, WY