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    BriteSHOT® is the ready to drink natural brain performance product. BriteSHOT® is perfect for those long days when you hit the wall half way through, or when experiencing high pressure situations where you need all the mental energy and focus to be your brightest. So the next time you need that extra boost for the important business opportunity, exams, the long drive home, or even the long putt, BriteSHOT® is there to give you the extra mental edge.

    If you have an existing medical condition and are taking prescription drugs, you should consult with your physician prior to taking BriteSMART, BriteSHIELD, and BriteSHOT. (If you are allergic to chocolate, do not take BriteSHOT)

    Unless cleared by a physician, BriteSMART, BriteSHIELD, and BriteSHOT should not be used by individuals with a diagnosis of schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, epilepsy or seizure disorders, hemophilia, or by individuals using drugs categorized as anti-psychotics, anti-dementia (cholinesterase inhibitors, NMDA antagonists) and MAO inhibitor agents.

    Women who are pregnant or who are nursing should not take BriteSMART, BriteSHIELD, or BriteSHOT.

    KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Individual results may vary.* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

    Overall Customer Rating of 5 Reviews:

    better mental clarity


    What I noticed most about this product was the cognitive clarity it provided me during a stressful job change. Normally when I am under stress for long periods of time I experience forgetfulness but with this product I didn't.

    worked well


    I had the opportunity to try Britefocus . After a 6 hour stressful lecture followed by a 1 hour exam, I am pleased to say the result was an outstanding success. Score 93%!

    Anyway, I did feel so much more alert than normal. I worked to 9.30pm the night before and had to be awake by 5am the next morning for a 7am start. I sat through a 6 hour lecture with minimal sleep yet I felt that I had a full night of sleep. Directly after lecture I sat a 1 hour examination. Amazing result, AMAZING Product

    use during work-outs


    Used Brite Focus shot for the first time today and was absolutely blown away. I was a little tired prior to my second workout today, but after taking Brite Focus, I was alert and energized. A long run with intervals in the heat and humidity, would have been easy to dump out and just phone it in, but Brite Focus helped me stay engaged and alert the entire time. Can't say enough good things about the product. Looking forward to continued focus and energy boost. No jitters, no elevated heart rate. Just results.



    The liquid.

    Goes down quite grainy, lots of grit in the mix


    It takes a lot for me to hate the taste of something but this is not the best tasting product I've tried. I don't hate it it's just not that good.


    So I DID notice quite a pick up. Not sure about all the mental focus and what have you but I did get the pick me up. Some what similar to 5 hour energy (which I don't drink cause of the taste.)


    The product has some good user applications but the taste needs improvement. But this isn't a fruity cocktail that you're supposed to enjoy, slam and go!

    This One is Different


    When it comes enhancing mental focus, I've tried pretty much every supplement out there. Needless to say, most fail to live up to expectations. In all honesty I was skeptical to try BriteSHOT, having been disappointed by so many previous products. To say this time was different would be a massive understatement. Working multiple jobs and raising three rambunctious kids, I've become the poster child for sleep deprivation. Caffeine and I are bff to the point I've given serious consideration to a constant I.v. drip. BriteSHOT was a revelation. It wasn't that I noticed some massive increase in energy, it doesn't work miracles. It was actually a realization that I wasn't foggy-headed even after an interrupted night sleep. I was able to think clearly and work more effectively than I typically would under the same circumstances. BriteSHOT will definitely be my go to kick in the pants whenever I'm grasping for clarity due to my hectic schedule.