As the “performance” supplement in the line, BriteSMART is the only nootropic brain health formula to have undergone a double-blind placebo clinical study. Data from this clinical trial provides evidence that BriteSMART, which contains Ceretrophin, impacts both cognitive function and mood. Specifically, BriteSMART decreases stress and improves memory, mental focus/attention and general intelligence. Remarkably, in just four weeks study participants experienced an average 6 point increase in their IQ scores!

BriteSHIELD is formulated for protection. It contains ingredients that have been clinically proven to protect the neurotransmitters and slow down the brain’s aging process. In addition, it also helps protect the brain from cell damage caused by free radicals and toxins.

BriteSHOT is a fast-acting brain performance drink. Based on the BriteSMART formula, it can be used as a booster to the other supplements in the line or as a stand-alone for younger patients. Consumers report that BriteSHOT helps with calm and focus, making it easier to complete brain-intensive tasks.


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